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Creme Cleanser 1L

A powerful yet soft, non-abrasive cleaner that lifts dirt and stains without harming surfaces.


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A powerful action, soft, abrasive cleaner that lifts dirt and stains without harming surfaces

Formulated to meet exacting standards specifically for hard surfaces, such as baths, basins, shower recesses, laminex, stove tops, chrome, stainless steel, ceramics and firbreglass. Pro-Ma Home Products's Creme Cleanser cleans and removes stains, without scratching. Safe to use, this biodegradable, pine-fresh Creme Cleanser is a quality, cost saving product which is ideal for every household.


1 litre

Why have I left this cleanser off my 'must-haves' for so long? It is a totally 100% brilliant cleaner for the shower bay, glass shower doors, bathroom sink and toilet. The shower doors come up sparkling clean with little effort in getting the job done. The creme cleanser is non-gritty, very smooth and a little goes a long way. Also use it on the kitchen sinks and bench tops. An all-round purpose cleanser that does the job in no time at all. Being caretaker of a private student's residence, I've cleaned many bathrooms upon students vacating the residence and from now on this creme the ONLY one I'll be using.

Vickie G Hobart, Tasmania

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